Computer Science
Computer Science
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Faculty Deans Message

Hello your Dear honored visitor to link to the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

The college established in 2005 with majors Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Systems in addition to the Diploma in Information Systems and Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Computer networking and maintenance of the three-year system.

In terms of the Graduate College doctoral degrees awarded in computer science and a Ph.D. information technology and information systems PhD research system.

In addition to the Master of Computer Science and a Master of information technology and master of information systems research, and also the college master's degree in information technology courses given system.

College grants Higher Diploma in information technology.

College posts and contributions of a petition in the local, national and global community posts by members of the faculty and in conferences, meetings and training courses under the patronage of the university administration

And best wishes to you

Dr. Gfary Hassan

Dean of the college.

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